Spring Blooms by Petal & Leaves

Spring is upon us and some of the most wonderful things to look forward to are the spring blooms.

Nothing compares to vast greens covered with beautiful flowers. It’s a joy to frolic in this abundance of natural beauty. Of course, not everyone is close to a flower garden. Not everyone has the chance to leave the rigors of everyday life, working in offices or looking after families and homes. But, everyone can enjoy the wonders of spring flowers.

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A Cup of Love

Tulips are familiar bulbs that come in bold colours, such as red and yellow. A room decorated with tulips is striking. It captures the imagination with possibilities of happiness, love and passion.

The flower’s history tells the same story. For instance, in ancient Persia, tulips were given to declare love. Persian poet Musharrifu’d-din Saadi even described a garden paradise as “ripe fruit in plenty/ bright multicoloured tulips and fragrant roses.” During the reign of the Ottoman Empire, tulips represented indulgence and abundance, as in food- and wine- stoutened hearts. Indeed, at the core of every tulip is a center that symbolises fiery passion for all that life offers.

Get all this into your home and office. A bunch of tulips, with colours bold, can bring life and love into any room.

Good Fortune Flowers

Daffodils (sometimes referred to by its genus Narcissus) are a flower breeder’s favorite, and come in a range of colours, from yellow to deep orange. There are several varieties of daffodils, all of which bring the richness of fields and forests indoors through vibrant bouquets.

There is really little to link Daffodils to Narcissus of Greek mythology, except perhaps their similarity in beauty. In fact, instead of vanity, daffodils are associated more with good fortune. In Chinese and Kurdish cultures, it symbolises the New Year and abundance. In Cancer Charities, daffodils have come to represent generosity toward cancer research and treatment.

In homes and offices, daffodils enrich through its vibrancy and colour. It brings you so close to the richness of the earth – you can smell it!

Its Own Name

The Jonquil is sometimes associated with the yellow daffodil, even when the daffodil is only its cousin. Enthusiasts protest to this, of course. A flower as beautiful and as fragrant as the Jonquil needs to be referred to by its proper name. Besides, there are distinct differences with the daffodil, such as its rounded foliage and strong scent. The flower is prized for its scent, and is a common ingredient in commercial perfumes.

A bunch of Jonquil in your home or office is a beautiful and fragrant accent you’d want to come into often.

The Flower of Rebirth

The Hyacinth is a curious bloom. Many are of bluish hue (although they can also come in yellow, pink and white), and grow in small clumps. Flower arrangements with the Hyacinth stand out because of their quaint beauty and fragrant smell.

And it is perhaps because of this that some cultures attribute rebirth to the Hyacinth. For instance, the flower is a mainstay in New Year celebrations and Spring Equinox gatherings. It symbolises what is new and what is young.

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