Flower Care

Flowers are a perishable product. Every care is taken to preserve their life.For best results for the preservation and longevity of your flowers place them in the coolest position out of direct sunlight and drafts. Also try not to handle the flowers until they are needed. Extra handling may cause bruising.

If you have received or bought cut flowers cut at an angle 1-2cm off the bottom of all stems and place in a clean vase of cool water. Be sure to change water daily and recut the stems.

If you have received or bought an arrangement that is in floral foam be sure to water the arrangement daily so that the foam is damp to touch.

Remove spoilt blooms from arrangements as they will allow the other blooms to open.

Monday to Friday, online orders placed BEFORE 12:00 pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) for business deliveries and BEFORE 1:00 pm AEST for residential deliveries can be delivered the same day. If a Public Holiday is selected for delivery your order will automatically be delivered on the NEXT business day. Online orders for delivery on Saturday must placed BEFORE 10:00am AEST.

Like fruit and vegetable, flowers are seasonal. Depending on when the flower is in season the prices can vary if it’s at the beginning or end of their season. Prices also vary on the type of weather that has affected the crop and if the growers have a flush of new blooms or not.

Wedding flowers are more in price because of the care taken to get the best and perfect bloom for your special day. More flowers are purchased than for an everyday bouquet and wastage is significantly more therefore the bouquets are expensive. The Wedding bouquets also take a considerately lot more time than a normal everyday bouquet, some bouquets taking hours to make.

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